Los Angeles Times Publishes Article About Coastal Act Lawsuit Filed by Otten & Joyce, LLP

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Environmentalists hope to turn the tide against use of sea walls

The longtime practice of dumping huge rocks and chunks of concrete along the coastline to stop erosion is coming under fire from those who favor letting the shoreline retreat naturally. San Francisco’s efforts to protect Ocean Beach is the latest battleground.

By Tony Barboza, Los Angeles TimesJanuary 2, 2012

For years, San Francisco’s Ocean Beach has been under assault by such powerful surf that a fierce winter storm can scour away 25 feet of bluff in just days.The startling pace of the erosion near the San Francisco Zoo has compelled the city to spend $5 million to shore up the crumbling bluffs. The strategy has been simple: drop huge rocks and mounds of sand to protect the nearby Great Highway and the sewer pipes underneath from being destroyed by the crashing waves.

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