Environmental Law

Environmental law is complicated and most attorneys are not qualified to work in this highly specialized area. The environmental law practitioner needs to have a strong background in basic science, a command of administrative and often criminal law, and a keen understanding of insurance and be able to handle many moving parts. Our attorneys also have extensive experience with laws such as OPA, CERCLA, RCRA, CEQA, NEPA, OSHA, Proposition 65, the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, and the Endangered Species Act.

Environmental Law Compliance Counseling

Our attorneys advise clients regarding the multitude of federal, state and local regulations covering hazardous waste, air emissions, water quality, and worker health and safety. Ideally, a client comes to us before a problem develops and our team of experts can conduct an environmental audit and develop Best Management Practices. We represent chrome shops, dry cleaners, surfboard manufacturers, foam manufacturers, auto body shops and numerous other types of businesses.

Hazardous Clean Up Cost Recovery Actions

A cost recovery action is a lawsuit aimed at recovering from responsible parties the money necessary to clean-up hazardous substances that have been released into the environment. This type of case requires an attorney with a strong litigation background and scientists that understand geology, hydrology, chemistry, risk assessments and remediation—the effective environmental team must be able to design the most cost effective remediation system, sell it to the regulators, and find creative ways to finance it. Our attorneys have represented oil companies, dry cleaners, shopping centers, gas stations, and metal plating shops.

Defense of Environmental Administrative & Criminal Actions

Defense of environmental administrative and/or criminal actions is serious business. The quality of the defense team can make the difference between a criminal filing and going to jail and/or the size of a fine. As prosecutions can be brought against corporations and their officers and employees, personal liberty and the future of a business can be a stake. Our attorneys have backgrounds in criminal and environmental law and work with some of the best environmental consultants in the country.