The Newest Allegation Against the Bay Boys Claims They Wore Black Face and Afro Wigs on MLK Day

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Lunada Bay Boys Case - Vic Otten - Otten law, PCThe Bay Boys have been the center of a real media shit storm for a few months now. I’ve never surfed there (this guy did, though!) but I figure if there are this many people coming out of the woodwork with the same complaints, there’s got to be at least an element of truth to some of them. And despite the fact that if the rumors are true, the Bay Boys are nothing more than old, cranky, spoiled rich guys with a serious case of small-dick syndrome, I can see both sides of the coin. But holy shit, the newest allegation against them is a doozy!

If you don’t know the story (which you probably do, unless you’ve been in the airless, soundless void of deep space for the last five years), here it is in a nutshell, from a previous post:

Bay Boys protect wave for years.
Bay Boys throw rocks and slash tires if you’re not a “local.”
Everyone gets mad at Bay Boys.
People go to police. Police are like, “yeah, those guys are dicks! Sorry!”
People are like, “what the fuck?”
Police shrug.
Bay Boys carry on throwing rocks. 
Someone sues Bay Boys. 
Everyone rejoices!
Undetermined outcome.

There. Now you’re all caught up. There have been a few other little nuggets from the rumor mill, including a couple of grown men waggling their gross old dicks in the direction of a female newcomer before pouring beer on her head. Actually. Someone said that actually happened! But on to the newest allegation. Here’s a hint: it’s super racist.



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